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Catering for your Business... 

High-end clientele.

Times are changing, and business events are no exception. What was once a boring business meeting in a stuffy office has become a bit more lavish in terms of setting, presentation and extras – and by ‘extras’, we mean food and drink, because any time you have a bunch of people together, appropriate nourishments need to be present. 

This is where corporate catering comes in. The same way wedding caterers specialise in wedding celebrations, corporate caterers know all too well that food can go a long way in winning people over. Office tea parties, luncheons, private functions with high-end clientele… these and other corporate functions make use of corporate catering to add a touch of professionalism and pleasantness for all involved.

Professional Service. ​​ ​​​​

Depending on the size of the function rooms we can cater inside, cooking directly in front of your clients. Alternatively, we can cook in an outside area under our gazebos. When working inside other hotels and event facilities we use plain black and white colours/ uniforms and safety barriers so that we look tidy and professional, fitting seamlessly into your venue.

Corporate events and Team-Building.

We cater for big corporations and small businesses across England. Our portable kitchen allows us to prepare our "Giants Paella" onsite for corporate events and team-building anywhere and everywhere. 
Our corporate cooking events are designed to be sociable and fun. 
If you’re looking for a fun team building event, or you are looking to entertain key clients with the opportunity to learn some new skills, then our corporate cooking events are perfect! Relax and enjoy the show.

 ​​​​​ Catering for differents companies.

Our professional service and reliability is helping us to build up a strong relationships with event organisers and facilities around the country.
Hotels and event facilities that aim to offer the highest standards to their clients are seeking our services as authentic Spanish cuisine is hard for in-house chefs to replicate.

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